Wrath Of The Chickens
A Minecraft Vanilla SMP Server

Server IP: mcwotc.net

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Some Info About Us

     Welcome to our forums. In order to have full access to our site, you must be registered with us and you must be logged in. Before taking those steps, perhaps you wish to know about us first.

     Wrath of the Chickens (WOTC) is a small SMP Vanilla server. As of 20 January 2018, for the first time in many years, we are hosting a new map, designing a new spawn area, and opening the server up for the public. WOTC has been a semi-private and gray listed server for quite some time.

     We have mature staff who are dedicated to keeping the server online and running properly. We are strong believers in removing people whom only have the desire to cause problems for others.

     For our rules, we only have two. First, we do not allow things which hinder the gameplay experience for other players (ie. massive farms). Secondly, do not deliberately cause problems for others. Respect these two rules and you will enjoy your stay.

     We do not utilize any plugins on our server but we do shape our world to play a bit more unique. We understand a Vanilla SMP server is not for everyone, however, our strength has always come from our outstanding community. Come give us a try and find out for yourself!

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